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Lean Enterprise

Lean Manufacturing in its most basic form is the systematic elimination of waste from all aspects of an organization s operations. In many individual processes, non value added activity can comprise more than 90% of the factory s total activity. Lean Enterprise is about applying the principles applied in manufacturing to other areas of the business.

There are 5 steps in a Lean Transformation

  • identify customer value
  • identify the value streams
  • create flow at the customer rate of pull
  • involve and train all employees
  • work toward a state of excellence / perfection

Value Stream Mapping

A value stream includes all the actions (both value added and non value added) currently required to bring a product through the main flows for every product. This is the foundation to all successful Lean transformations. the production flow from raw material to the customer

  • the information flow in the business
  • the innovation flows in the business

Taking a value stream perspective means working on the big picture, not just individualized processes, and improving the whole not just optimising the parts. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a pencil & paper tool that helps to see and understand the flow of information as a product makes its way through the value stream. Having seen and understood what is happening (in the current state) we can then plan appropriate actions to improve the activities (the future state).

Why VSM is an essential tool

  • it helps visualize more than just the single process level you can see flow
  • it helps you see more than waste
  • it provides a new and relevant language to talk about manufacturing processes
  • it makes decisions about flow apparent, so you can discuss and plan them
  • it ties together lean concepts and techniques avoids cherry picking
  • it forms the basis of an implementation plan by helping in the design of how the door to door flow should operate
  • it shows the linkage between the information flow and material flow

Quick Changeovers (Single Minute Exchange of Dies - SMED)

Old batch and queue thinking referred to "economic order quatities". Lean thinking refers to "economies of flow". In a Lean business we only produce what the customer wants, when they want it. To achieve this we need to have very low changeover / set up times.

5S & Visual workplace

5S is a system to remove clutter (waste) from a business so that all involved can develiop a sense of pride in what they do, so that energies can be directed into innovation.

Kanban, Supermarkets & Pull Systems

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Error proofing Problem Solving


  • Business Diagnostic
    • Mindshop - Growth & Profit Solutions
    • World Class Manufacturing - Schonberger
  • Profitability review
  • Operations coaching
  • Problem solving
  • Cost reduction
  • Process simplification Capacity planning


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